One of the biggest advantages to using a mortgage broker is their expertise. Plus, their access to great rates at many lenders.

Each broker however will have their own amount of skills and experience. This experience in packaging and presenting your application to a lender can therefore vary from broker to broker. This can make the difference between an approval and a decline.

When talking to a potential mortgage broker it’s important to ask them how long they have been in the industry and the experience they have. If they just started there is a long road of learning ahead to know each lender’s policies and procedures amongst the dozens of lenders.  

If choosing between an inexperienced mortgage broker and your bank branch, you may be better off with the bank if the representative there has more experience with mortgages.  
It is quite rare, however some mortgage brokers may charge a fee if you leave them for another lender prior to closing or to assist you with a mortgage.

Some mortgage brokers may also not have access to as many lenders or discounts if they or their brokerage does smaller volumes.  In this situation your bank branch may have similar rates.  
The bottom line is an experienced mortgage broker should have access to the very best rates options and guidance for you.