The lowest rate is not always the best option. Depending on your unique financial circumstances and goals this can affect the type of mortgage, lender and rate. As with many promotions you typically will see the lowest rate advertised. For example, walking past a store in seeing up to 70% off. Often however you will find it’s a small selection and typically not the right product for you that is at 70% off. Most of the products that are of value to you will be with a lower discount.

This is similar to mortgages where an online company may advertise one rate only for you to hear that it is not available to your situation. Also, that it may come with restrictions or does not work with your goals.

Companies advertising these low rates are doing this to attract mortgage shoppers.
When looking for a mortgage, just like looking for a car, typically the cheapest one available in Ottawa Ontario is not always the one. The cheapest option may not come with the features options and security you want. It’s important to look at each lenders options to be sure they are the right fit for you.