Traditionally one would visit their bank to learn about a mortgage. However, with the increased popularity of working with a mortgage broker, getting a mortgage from the bank is becoming less popular.
A mortgage broker is now a more familiar representative between you, the borrower, and the bank or lender.

A borrower is a person like yourself who is looking to borrow money for real estate
The bank or lender is typically a traditional lender such as Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, Alterna Savings and more.

mortgage broker is a licensed specialist whose goal is to find you the best mortgage rates in Ottawa. Also, to find you a mortgage product that fits your current financial situation and future goals. They have to complete routine education and courses. As well as pass an initial course and test to be able to provide mortgages. This is unlike a bank representative who does not need to be licensed or complete routine courses to advise on mortgages.