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Although most lenders post their rates publicly, sometimes you may not get the lowest mortgage rate you have seen advertised. This is due to some rates only being offered for certain situations. Different rates are offered for those who are first time home buyers and those who are refinancing, for example. Also, different rates are offered for those who are buying an owner-occupied property or buying a rental property.

The size of your down payment and where the property is can I also have an effect on the interest-rate.

I am able to scan through dozens of lenders and different rates at each lender to show you the best deals that you may not be able to find or access otherwise. I can help cater the best mortgage for you and your unique financial situation. My goal is to ensure that you are always getting a fair deal and some of the best mortgage rates in Ottawa Ontario.

Having more options is crucial in assuring the mortgage is the right fit for you and you get a good rate.