Our Spring-Cleaning Guide for a Happy, Healthy Homeowning Experience

Our Spring-Cleaning Guide for a Happy, Healthy Homeowning Experience

April 13, 2021 | Home Tips, Mortgage News

I’m deeply passionate about helping prospective homeowners secure the mortgages they deserve with competitive rates, no-nonsense terms and conditions, and a well-informed, well-connected ear to aid in any of their queries. However, I’m a homeowner myse ...

Thinking of Switching Your Mortgage

Thinking of Switching Your Mortgage? Let’s See if it Makes Sense!

These are very interesting times that we currently live in, to say the least. With that, of course, comes a desire to change with them for cost-saving or future-planning reasons. I see it all the time in the clients who come to me for assistance with t ...

4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your First Mortgage

4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your First Mortgage

If you're looking into your first mortgage, there are several things you can do in advance to streamline this process, learn more here:

Consolidate Debt

Refinancing to Consolidate Debt: Is it Feasible?

January 22, 2021 | Mortgage News

If you have both a mortgage and a chunk of high-interest debt, borrowing against your equity in the form of refinancing is one option to tackle the latter. Of course, it goes without saying that this option isn’t for everyone – it all depends on your i ...

5 Simple Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

5 Simple Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

December 3, 2020 | Mortgage News, Mortgage Resources

To make sure you’re not wasting time or money on areas that won’t benefit your bottom line once you sell, here are a few upgrades to focus on that will boost the value of your home.

what is a mortgage renewal

What is a Mortgage Renewal?

What is a mortgage renewal? With a mortgage comes a mortgage renewal. Mortgages are typically offered with terms up to ten years. When your term is finished, your rate expires and it is time to negotiate a new rate.Many Canadians spend a great dea ...

approved for a mortgage

Top 5 Things to Avoid Once Approved For a Mortgage

Once you are approved for a mortgage it is important that your finances stay constant. A mortgage approval is based on the favourable combination of your current debts, income, credit score and more. As some time can pass from when you are approved for ...

fixed rate variable rate Ottawa

Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgage – Which is Right for You?

November 21, 2020 | Types of Lenders and Mortgages

Once you have an accepted offer on a home, you must choose the type of mortgage you would like to have. Do you want a fixed or variable rate mortgage?  Table of ContentsWhat is a Fixed Rate Mortgage?Pros and Cons of a Fixed Rate MortgageWhat is a ...

Renovating a Fixer-Upper

5 Tips For Renovating a Fixer-Upper

Renovating a fixer-upper is easier than you think with a Purchase Plus Improvements (PPI) mortgage. There is a lot of appeal to purchasing a fixer-upper. It is often a better value and allows you to customize your home; you can purchase a home at a low ...

reasons to use a Mortgage Broker

16 Reasons to Use a Mortgage Broker

April 5, 2020 | First Time Home Buyers

When looking for a mortgage, one of the questions that may arise is should you use a mortgage broker or go to your bank? Also, you may be asking what is the difference between a mortgage broker and a bank? It’s hard to describe all the value a mortgage ...

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