Monoline lenders

Monoline Lenders

One of the major benefits of working with a mortgage broker in Ottawa is that they have access to many lenders from banks, to credit unions to monoline lenders.    Monoline Lenders   For clients only familiar with traditional banks, many of t ...

break a mortgage

Top 8 Reasons People Break a Mortgage

A surprising 60% of mortgage holders break their mortgage during the term.  When a mortgage contract is broken a lender typically will charge a penalty.  There are many reasons why someone may need to break a mortgage.   This post reviews the top reaso ...

ottawa reverse mortgage

Ottawa Reverse Mortgage

A husband and wife in their early seventies felt that they needed a little more cash on hand.  They were considering cashing in some of the limited investments they had left.  Here is an Ottawa reverse mortgage success story. The couple is uneasy each ...

No down payment mortgage

No Down Payment Mortgage Ottawa

No down payment mortgage options for Ottawa. One of the biggest challenges when wanting to purchase a home is saving for the down payment. Keep reading to learn more about the no down payment* mortgage options in Ottawa.  With these options you can buy ...

Cosigning for a mortgage

Cosigning For a Mortgage

April 27, 2019 | Applying for a Mortgage

Cosigning for a mortgage in Ottawa is becoming more and more popular and there are may reasons why one needs a cosigner.   Cosigning For a Mortgage   Reasons a Cosigner May be Needed A cosigner may be needed when an applicant: is self employe ...

Private mortgages in Ottawa

Private mortgages in Ottawa - 4 important points

Here are 4 important points to consider when looking at private mortgages in Ottawa.   Private mortgages in Ottawa   1) A private mortgage can help protect the rate and terms of your first mortgage: One main challenge with refinancing your cu ...

Who gives and who gets the best mortgage rates in Ottawa

Who gives and who gets the best mortgage rates in Ottawa?

April 16, 2019 | Best Mortgage Rates

Who gives and who gets the best mortgage rates in Ottawa? There was an interesting article in The Star about who gives and who gets the best mortgage rates either from their bank as loyal long-term customers or first time buyers and people who switch b ...

buying a home in Ottawa

8 Simple Steps to Buying a Home in Ottawa

April 15, 2019 | First Time Home Buyers

It is normal for a decision as important as buying a home to be complicated and cause stress and worry. However, this process can be much easier if you have planned in advance. If you don't know where to start, do not worry. All you have to do is follo ...

Porting a Mortgage

Porting a Mortgage

Porting a mortgage can be a great option when moving to a new house as porting can help you avoid a penalty from breaking your current mortgage. I am able to assist with porting and love helping clients through the process. There are are a lot of impor ...

Ottawa mortgage broker

Top five questions to ask your Ottawa mortgage broker

To ensure you get the best mortgage rates and options for your needs, here are the top five questions to ask your Ottawa mortgage broker.   Top five questions to ask your Ottawa mortgage broker   Is the mortgage collateral or conventional? Th ...

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