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What is a Mortgage Renewal?

What is a mortgage renewal? With a mortgage comes a mortgage renewal. Mortgages are typically offered with terms up to ten years. When your term is finished, your rate expires and it is time to negotiate a new rate. Many Canadians spend a great deal of time shopping around to find a favourable rate when purchasing […]

5 Tips For Renovating a Fixer-Upper

Renovating a fixer-upper is easier than you think with a Purchase Plus Improvements (PPI) mortgage. There is a lot of appeal to purchasing a fixer-upper. It is often a better value and allows you to customize your home; you can purchase a home at a lower price, make home improvements, and increase your home's value. […]

5 Things to Avoid Before Your Closing Date When Buying a Home

When buying a home and getting approved for a mortgage, it's important to review any major changes with your mortgage broker first to assure that it will not affect your mortgage approval.   5 Things to avoid Before Your Closing Date When Buying a Home   Changing Your Employment Even if a promotion is available, […]

Prepayment, Porting and Assumable - 3 mortgage terms to know

There are many terms you will hear during your mortgage process. Some terms will be straight forward and other terms may not be. Here are three important mortgage terms you should know. They are prepayment, porting and assumable.    Prepayment, Porting and Assumable   Prepayment: Prepayment is the amount that a lender will allow you to pay, […]

The Five Cs of Credit

The mortgage process can sometimes be a little confusing or overwhelming. In addition to your personal finances, mortgage rules and lender guidelines are always changing.  However, focusing on the five Cs of credit can help. There are five key areas that are reviewed with a credit application and they have become known as the five Cs […]

Top 8 Reasons People Break a Mortgage

A surprising 60% of mortgage holders break their mortgage during the term.  When a mortgage contract is broken a lender typically will charge a penalty.  There are many reasons why someone may need to break a mortgage.   This post reviews the top reasons people break their mortgage.   Top 8 Reasons People Break a […]

Porting a Mortgage

Porting a mortgage can be a great option when moving to a new house as porting can help you avoid a penalty from breaking your current mortgage. I am able to assist with porting and love helping clients through the process. There are are a lot of important points to know when porting a mortgage. […]

Refinancing a Mortgage in Ottawa

Over the last few years, more changes have been introduced to the mortgage rules in Canada.  Some of these changes can affect refinancing a mortgage in Ottawa.  These changes are important to know if you are thinking of refinancing your mortgage in Ottawa.     Refinancing a Mortgage   In the past, one was able to […]

Three Ways You Can Pay Your Property Taxes

When signing the mortgage package your Ottawa mortgage broker will ask you how you would like to pay your property taxes.  Here are three ways you can pay them. Learn more: Ottawa mortgage broker   How to Pay Your Property Taxes   Have Your Mortgage Lender Collect the Taxes This is a very popular option […]

What is an Interest Rate Differential (IRD) and how is it calculated?

A mortgage is a contract between you and the lender. The contract has terms, conditions, obligations, rights and so on. Many lenders will allow you to break the contract if you pay a penalty. For a fixed rate mortgage, this penalty is often the higher of three months of interest or an interest rate differential […]
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