Finding the Best Mortgage

There are many benefits to shopping around for a mortgage.  Click here to learn more about why you should shop around for a mortgage and help in finding the best mortgage.

Curious to know who gives and who gets the best mortgage rates?  Click here to find out if banks or mortgage brokers offer the best mortgage rates.

Knowing if you are getting the best mortgage rate is hard.  Click here to tips on how to find the best mortgage rates in Ottawa.

Everyone is familiar with banks and credit unions however many are not familiar with monoline lenders.  Click here to learn some of the main differences between banks and credit unions compared to monoline lenders.

A bank and a monoline lender calculate your penalty differently. Click here to find out how the penalty is calculated amongst these different lenders.

Did you know that some banks only offer mortgages that cannot be transferred to another bank or lender at renewal without facing extra fees?  Click here to learn more about collateral mortgages and who offers them.

One of the major benefits of working with a mortgage broker in Ottawa is that they have access to many lenders, options and rates from traditional banks such as Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust to smaller lenders, trust companies, credit unions and so on.  However when reviewing different lenders, I often hear, “I’ve never heard of that lender”.  Click here to learn more.

There are quite a few factors that go into determining your mortgage rate.  Click here to learn more.

When finding the best mortgage and rates for your needs, it’s important to be asking the right questions.  Click here to learn more.


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