I have an employer but my pay is different with each pay cheque


What is required

1) One pay stub dated within the last 30 days

Why are this needed:

    • pay stubs are used to show the lender your year to date income total, that you are currently being paid and that there are source deductions

2) Letter of employment dated within the last 30 days

Why is this needed:

    • the letter of employment is to show the lender that you are:
    • currently employed
    • full-time/part-time, permanent/temporary, hourly/salary, and so on
    • currently not on probation
    • on leave, if applicable
    • in an acting position, if applicable
    • letters of offer, pay stubs and T4 do not show this and with that, a letter of employment is mandatory

3) T4 or Notice of Assessment for the last two years

Why is this needed:

    • the lender will use an average of your last two years of employment income
    • for example if the incomes were $45,000 and $60,000, they will use ($45,000 plus $60,000 divided by 2) $52,500

4) Verbal confirmation with employer

Why is this needed:

    • Many lenders will call the employer from your employer letter to confirm the details of the letter
    • This call will usually take place some time prior to your closing date
    • It is important that the income letter has the most convenient contact information for the person who provided it
    • It is crucial that they employer is able to confirm the details of the letter of employment and that you are not on probation as any discrepancies will affect your mortgage approval


What you must know

    • lenders cannot accept letters of offer
    • income documents will only be accepted if they are dated within the last 30 days
    • lenders are typically not able to use income from an applicant on probation



Is the date on my past stub within the last 30 days?
Is the date on my letter of employment within the last 30 days?
Is my letter of employment on letterhead?
Does my letter of employment have a contact name and phone number on it?
Does my Notice of Assessment say Notice of Assessment at the top of the document?

If you answered YES to all of the above, please send the document
If you answered NO to any of the above, the document will not be accepted by the lender


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