Is a Professional Home Inspector Required?

November 13, 2019

Is a professional home inspector required? On the surface, a house that appears to be perfect may have a few hidden problems. When a seller adds new flooring or a new coat of paint, it can help modernize and brighten up at home but sometimes there can be deficiencies behind the scenes that may be missed by the untrained eye.

You may have heard stories in the past where people are move into a home that appears perfect at first, only to find problems soon after closing. These problems can arise with the roof, foundation, heating and air system and more.

Also, there could be problems with pests and insects, water leaks, various smells, noises and so on. Your dream home could quickly turn into a nightmare in this situation. Also, finding out about these items after the fact may create challenges when looking to sell the property.


Is a Professional Home Inspector Required?


Hiring a Home Inspector Can be Money Well Spent

A home inspection costs a few hundred dollars. However, this can be money well spent if it helps you avoid a home that may create future challenges. Also it can give you insight into various items of the home that would need to be repaired sooner than later.

Sometimes uncovering these challenges upfront during the offer stage can help you negotiate a better price with the property.

Plus, if there are any renovations or updating that you would like to do, the purchase plus improvements mortgage is worth considering.

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Two Sets of Eyes

There is always an option to do an inspection yourself or with a trusted friend or family member. However, it is necessary to do this inspection with a professional home inspector?

Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Having two sets of eyes can always be better than one when it comes to uncovering potential problems. Inspectors are there to see if the property is in good condition. Plus, to find areas that may need repairs as well as to see if the property meets various codes. You may not be as familiar with these codes as a professional home inspector is.

Professional home inspectors can cover a variety of items such as water damage, structural damage and damage to the roof. Your own review of the house is also important. From your review you can make sure that there are no major defects you find that will be costly to repair in the future.


Have a Look Yourself First

Having a look at the property yourself prior to hiring a home inspector is a great idea. There may be some obvious issues with the home that are a deterrent to buying it. This way you uncover these before spending the money on a home inspector. If all looks good after your personal inspection or the inspection of a family member or friend then having a professional home inspector inspect the property can be a great back up.

Asking if the sellers are aware of any previous fire, or water damage as well as any challenges with insects and more can be a good idea. This can quickly help you discover challenges if you have concerns about this and there’s open conversation with the sellers.


The Outside is Just as Important

It’s not only important to look inside the house but outside the house as well. You will want to know the condition of walkways, driveways, windows, flowerbeds, eavestroughs and more. If there is a pool or water feature, it may be a good idea to have a separate inspection of these items.

If you do not have a lot of skill or knowledge with renovations or to know what to look for with a home inspection, a professional inspection can be a great idea. When looking for a professional home inspector, it is important to look to their reviews and experience. Also you can see if there are any friends or family that can recommend one. Your real estate agent will know home inspections as well. Also, mortgage brokers in Ottawa can not only help you find the best mortgage rate in Ottawa but also a good home inspector.

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Finding a home inspector that is licensed is a great idea.

A little money spent today on a home inspection may end up saving you a great deal of money in the future.

Why not make your mortgage experience a comfortable one?

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