Optional Time Saving Tip


When you finish the application, the you will receive a checklist of suggested documents to upload.

If you upload the documents now, we can review the documents at the same time we review your application.

This will save you time as an extra meeting will not be required to review your documents.

I have made a guide to help you with the documents.

Lenders are very specific when it comes to the documents and knowing not only what they need but why they need them and how they should look can help.

Also the guide has sample documents to assist.

Click here to review the documents guide.

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About Andrew Thake

Andrew Thake is a seasoned mortgage broker with over 15 years of industry experience. He’s assisted more than 2,200 clients in finding their ideal mortgage solutions. Recognized for his excellence, Andrew has received high honours and awards, including the National Rookie of the Year from TD Canada Trust and recognition as a Top 10 Ottawa Mortgage Broker in 2023. He has also been inducted into the Hall of Fame at Dominion Lending Centres and has consistently received their Platinum Award during his tenure as a mortgage broker.

Andrew’s dedication lies in serving his clients and prioritizing their needs with an empathetic approach. Throughout the application process, he provides tailored, informed, and efficient services to ensure the best mortgage solutions for his client’s unique circumstances. The best part of Andrew’s job is when he gets to see the joy on his clients’ faces following their mortgage approval.

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