What is required

1) Photo ID

  • a photo of your passport or driver's licence is acceptable
  • ID must not be expired
  • health cards are not accepted

2) Void cheque or pre authorized debit form

  • a photo of a void cheque is acceptable
  • most online banking websites allow you to access a sample void cheque or pre authorized debit form
  • please visit your online banking website or visit your bank branch to obtain one

3) Recent mortgage statement or renewal notice

  • click here to see a sample mortgage statement
  • the mortgage statement MUST HAVE your name, the mortgage number and your address
  • a desktop screenshot of your mortgage details MAY be accepted, only if it contains the information noted above

4) Recent property tax bill

  • please looks at your bill and if there is an amount due, YOU MUST provide proof your taxes are paid in full or that you are set up for automatic payment
  • any property taxes past due must be paid in full prior to closing
  • click here to visit the tax bill and payment options section of the City of Ottawa website

5) Proof of home insurance

  • if you do not have a copy of your home insurance policy, you can email your home insurance company and they will email you a copy


Is the expiry date on my ID in the future?
Is my mortgage statement dated within the last year?
Does my mortgage statement have my name and address on it?
Does my property tax bill show $0.00 owing and that it's paid in full?
Is the expiry/renewal date on my home insurance more then 60 days past my closing date?

If you answered YES to all of the above, please send the document
If you answered NO to any of the above, the document will not be accepted by the lender

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