What is required now

1) Photo ID

  • A photo of your passport or driver’s licence is acceptable
  • ID must not be expired
  • Health cards are not accepted

2) Void cheque or pre authorized debit form

  • A photo of a void cheque is acceptable
  • Most online banking websites allow you to access a sample void cheque or pre authorized debit form
  • Please visit your online banking website or visit your bank branch to obtain one


What is also required now if your name is on title of any real estate

1) Recent mortgage statement or renewal notice

  • click here to see a sample mortgage statement
  • the mortgage statement MUST HAVE your name, the mortgage number and your address
  • a desktop screenshot of your mortgage details MAY be accepted, only if it contains the information noted above

2) Recent property tax bill

  • Please looks at your bill and if there is an amount due, YOU MUST provide proof your taxes are paid in full or that you are set up for automatic payment
  • any property taxes past due must be paid in full prior to closing
  • click here to visit the tax bill and payment options section of the City of Ottawa website


What is required once an offer is made on a property

1) Purchase agreement

  • Signed and initial by all parties

2) MLS/Realtor listing

  • Website link will not be accepted
  • If you do not have this you can ask your real estate agent for a copy


What is required once you have waived your financing condition and the offer is now firm (if applicable)

1) Notice of Fulfilment for all the conditions in your purchase agreement

  • This is a document you sign when all your purchase conditions (i.e. home inspection) are completed
  • If you do not have this you can ask your real estate agent for a copy


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