Our Spring-Cleaning Guide for a Happy, Healthy Homeowning Experience


I’m deeply passionate about helping prospective homeowners secure the mortgages they deserve with competitive rates, no-nonsense terms and conditions, and a well-informed, well-connected ear to aid in any of their queries. However, I’m a homeowner myself and, speaking from experience, having a happy home is just as important!

Long story short, the dust bunnies aren’t going to do you any favours. Even if you save tons of cash on a low-interest refinancing or mortgage deal – I can help you there – spring cleaning is a rite of passage for anyone who wishes to maintain a clean, inviting home. Let’s help you keep things shipshape with these easy tips.

How’s Your Humidity?

Plenty of homeowners shrug this off, but it’s essential that you maintain between 40 and 60 percent to keep those pesky dust bunnies at bay. And germs. And other… less-than-desirable guests in your home. But how?

You see, relative humidity is a measure of indoor air moisture content. Our skin and even the brain needs between 40 and 60 percent to remain sufficiently hydrated, our eyes require it so we can wake up without soreness, pain, or irritation, and it’s crucial in minimizing the spread of bacteria including viruses (dry air allows aerosols containing microbes to travel further). It even helps us focus, retain information, and remain in a more positive mood.

Of course, much like with airborne infection control, sticking to that relative humidity range actively suppresses dust. This happens because dust can thrive in dry conditions, consisting of millions of microscopic mites that spread throughout a home – it’s why you’ll see quite a deep layer of the stuff on surfaces that haven’t been wiped down in a long time. Therefore, before even starting to rip apart the closet or sweep up a storm, get your relative humidity under control and keep it there – this makes springtime and regular cleanings easier and more effective!


Many of us are guilty of buying more than what we need – and often simply things we like. Aside from filling a corner, what’s that shelf of chipped and dusty knick-knacks doing for you? Could you make more efficient use of the space, such as a bookshelf to neatly store your favourite novels? I have a hunch that we’re onto something here – it’s time to declutter! Of course, this doesn’t have to mean conforming to minimalism or the vision of the property’s architect, so placing a favourite tin of cookies on your beautiful countertop won’t end up “ruining” your home. What I mean is doing away with what you don’t use, what doesn’t contribute to a happy and fun-filled home – but please don’t simply throw things out, as we have enough in landfills! Instead, give back to the community – dump those unwanted books at the local library or start one of those miniature ones with your neighbours. Alternatively, how about donating those unwanted sweaters and hoodies to your local Value Village? And, if you’re sick of that canoe taking up space in the garage, why not flip it on Facebook Marketplace for a little profit while providing a good deal? Your spring cleanup can effectively make someone’s day!

The Perfect Excuse for a Redesign

Need to set up a home office for remote commuting but haven’t gotten around to it due to a buildup of boxes, totes, and general miscellanea? Amidst your spring-cleaning frenzy of dusting, mopping, sweeping and washing the windows, take time to give these spaces a new lease on life – no need to break your mortgage to do so! And hey, if you did sell that canoe that was gathering dust, why not put the funds towards furnishings, décor, and maybe a fresh coat of paint?

Health-Friendly Upgrades

Lastly, for a happy and healthy home, why not get your indoor air quality inspected by a professional? This should be done every so often to ensure your indoor airflow, humidity and other parameters are ideal and safe, and they’ll spot problems including pests or excess moisture in a jiffy with their equipment. Aside from that, consider replacing your air filters with HEPA or MERV alternatives to limit the particulates floating around. Oh, and one more thing – ensure your chimney, fireplace, dryer vent and exhaust are cleaned before you use them again!

Phew, that was a lot to dig into, but this is a solid foundation for any spring-cleaning checklist. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a solid financial foundation on which to secure the home of your dreams, let’s chat about the mortgage options available to you. I’m happy to help and provide you with peace of mind.

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