Stages of the Mortgage Journey

Stage One

This is the pre approval stage. Once you are pre approved, you are ready to make an offer on a home.

This stage answers two main questions:

  • Can I purchase a home?
  • What is the maximum purchase price I qualify for?

I will email you a summary of the information your pre approval is based on so that you can confirm the information used for your pre approval.


Stage Two

This is the document collection stage.

The goal of this stage is to upload all your documents into the secure portal so I can review them in advance of you making an offer  on a home.

This review will help assure there are no differences between the application and your documents that could affect your pre approval amount. Also, this stage assures all your documents are together in advance of making an offer so that when you make an offer, all is in order.

Many lenders will not review a purchase application without the documents.

While submitting your documents, it’s important to review the documents guide.

Click here to review the documents guide.


Stage Three

Time to review your documents together.

Once you have reviewed the guide and uploaded your documents to the portal, you can schedule a call to review them together.

This call will take about 10 to 15 minutes.


Stage Four

You have now made an offer on a home and your offer was accepted.

At this stage we can review a 10 minute presentation that will help with the decision of:

  • bank, credit union or monoline lender
  • type of mortgage (i.e. fixed or variable)
  • payment frequency (i.e. monthly or bi-weekly)

Once the review is done and a lender is chosen, your purchase application can be sent to the lender for review.


Stage Five

The lender is reviewing your mortgage application and has requested additional documents and/or an appraisal.

Once received, your additional documents are sent to the lender for review and you will be updated once an update has been received from the lender.


Stage Six

The lender has approved your mortgage. Also they have issued a mortgage commitment (contract) that we can book a time to review together.

Click here to schedule a review call.


Stage Seven

This is the final stage.

Your mortgage commitment has been reviewed, signed and sent to the lender.

Congratulations, all is complete with your mortgage!


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