Amanda L.

Andrew Thake was wonderful to deal with. We are so happy with the mortgage rate we received through him! We can't recommend him enough. He was well organized, so quick to get back to all of our emails, and ensured we were happy with what we got. Thanks, Andrew!

Darren S.

Andrew is amazing. Super responsive, very knowledgeable about the products, and also just great to deal with. We were put in a very tough position by our bank and Andrew was able to save the day and get us a great mortgage that we're very happy with. Easily the best mortgage professional I've dealt with!

Allison C.

Andrew is remarkable professional, knowledgeable, timely and helpful. Myself and a relative have purchased mortgages through him and have had nothing but smooth, stress-free experiences. My favorite thing about working with Andrew is that he is truly invested in the client relationship and it is obvious that he realizes that giving great service over time is how you gain clients. He does not put any pressure on the client to act now or towards a certain product. I bought my house three years ago, and I have since been in touch with him by e-mail and phone a number of times, just to ask questions that come to mind about the future of my mortgage and future possible property investments and he emails me back right away and sets phone appointments with me simply to answer my questions...THREE YEARS AFTER HE CLOSED THE DEAL! He will really take care of you every step of the way. Not only that, but he is pretty active on social media, posting updates on the state of the market and financial tips and tricks in a way that is really easy to understand. You can source a lot of information these days, but to have all of this research available on your Facebook page by someone that knows the Ottawa market and that you can do business with personally really takes the mortgage financing process to another level.

Satinder M.

Would highly recommend using Andrew's services, he is knowledgeable and answers all your questions to help you feel great about the decision you are making. Andrew helped make sure that we locked in our mortgage rate before the rate increase and made the process very easy and stress free for us. He keeps his eye on changes and comes to his clients with the offerings and options that work best for them which is really comforting. Thank you for a great experience Andrew!

Paul K.

I am an entrepreneur...self employed....lender nightmare? Andrew Thake had an angle and accepted the challenge to get me into a $720,000 home..... "Stated income!.. Let's take that approach... I can get this done!", he said. We were successful as a result of his efforts and common sense approach. He is a problem solver and very connected throughout the city of Ottawa. If you are self employed and looking for a mortgage, use him. Thanks Andrew~Use me as a reference any time!.

Amanda G.

Highly recommend Andrew if you are in the market for a new house or even just renewing your mortgage. He and his team make it extremely easy and stress free to get a great rate! My friends and family are all jealous of what he was able to get me! He was always prompt with his responses, answered my thousands of questions and was extremely thorough and clear in what I needed to do. He is completely open to doing business to fit any schedule. If you prefer face to face, he can do that and meet you pretty much anywhere in the city. If you prefer primarily electronic, he is also okay with that!