Tips to Find the Best Ottawa Mortgage Broker in Ottawa


If you are interested in finding the best mortgage broker in Ottawa to assist with getting your mortgage, here are some great tips to follow.

Know How Your Mortgage Broker Gets Paid

Most mortgage brokers are paid a commission from the bank or lender that you obtain a mortgage from. With that, a mortgage broker services are typically free to you.
Most lenders pay approximately the same commission. This is good to know as there are not many incentives for the broker to choose one lender over another. With that, they put your needs first.
When it comes to commission from a lender there are two types of commissions:
Trailer commission: This commission is where the mortgage broker will receive a commission on closing. Plus, they will get a commission each year or renewal time for the life of your mortgage with the lender.
Upfront commission: With this commission, the mortgage broker will receive a lump sum commission on the closing of your mortgage.

How Many Lenders Do They Have Available?

Typically the larger the mortgage company a mortgage broker works for or the more volume of mortgage broker does, the more lenders they have access to. Also, the greater the discounts on the mortgage products they are able to provide.
Sometimes, a local smaller mortgage agency may not have the same discounts, special offers or lender selection that a national company has. Think of this as shopping at a local store versus Walmart or on Amazon. Typically the bigger the company, the more product selection and better pricing.
You can ask a mortgage broker which lenders they typically prefer to deal with. Typically these will be lenders that provide great service, low rates, the most amount of options on the mortgage and a fast turnaround time. The faster a mortgage broker can get your results the better. Also, fast results with a mortgage that has the best rates and most options, the better they are able to assist you. From this, the more likely it is that you will complete your mortgage with them.
With this, a client’s interests are a mortgage broker's number one priority. If a mortgage broker was to put you in a mortgage that you are not happy with or that has hidden restrictions, this would reflect badly on the mortgage broker. Due to this, you would most likely not want to deal with them again in the future.
Therefore, the mortgage broker would be killing their future business. The mortgage broker typically wants to build a long-term relationship with a client. This way they can assist you at each renewal.  Also with any refinancing or buying an investment property or cottage. Plus, to be on your mind when a friend or family member asks if they know who the best mortgage broker in Ottawa is.
Therefore, the lender selection is very important to the mortgage broker. This selection helps ensure that you are with a bank or lender that you were extremely satisfied with.
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How Much Experience and Education Do They Have?

With dozens of lenders and multiple products per lender, it can be many years before a mortgage broker has exposure to and becomes an expert with each lender. This can take many years. Also, the knowledge and experience that comes with presenting a deal properly to the lender, the different documents needed by each lender as well as all the different policies and procedures at each lender. Even amongst the big banks, there are quite a few differences in policies and procedures. Simple differences such as the minimum down payment required on a rental property can vary from bank to bank.
Finding a mortgage broker that has at least 10 years of experience in the business is crucial to assure they have the know-how to navigate you through the process and find the best lender and rates for you.
Beyond their experience in the industry, it may be important to see what other experience they have. For example, if they personally own real estate or investment property. If they have more experience with seasoned buyers or first-time home buyers. Also, with private lender mortgages, bad credit mortgages and so on.
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In addition, you can look at the educational background of the mortgage broker. For example, their field of study in college or university. A mortgage broker with a university degree in business can be an asset. This experience and education can be mean a big difference between the best mortgage broker in Ottawa and an average one.

Do Your Homework

Doing research upfront is important. Also, knowing the questions you should be asking your mortgage broker in Ottawa. Plus, knowing what to look for with a mortgage broker is also important. Once you have found one or two mortgage brokers in Ottawa you can look to if they are on the Better Business Bureau. Plus, their ratings and reviews online and so on. A mortgage broker with low or negative reviews online or one that is not on the Better Business Bureau may not be the best option if you were looking for a strong reliable service.
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Getting the best mortgage rate In Ottawa, Ontario or Canada is great but may not always be with the best lender for your needs. Like anything, the cheaper the price generally means the fewer options and less service. If you are travelling on a vacation with your family, would you choose the cheapest hotel? Or, the cheapest restaurant in the city or country you are staying in? Also, if looking for a car would you choose the cheapest car in the country? Just like with the hotel and car, the cheapest mortgage one most likely not come with the service you need. As well as the reliability and features you desire.
It’s important that you and your mortgage broker in Ottawa work together with you to find you not only a great rate but a strong, secure lender.

The Best Mortgage Broker in Ottawa Takes The Time To Educate You

The best mortgage broker in Ottawa will take time with explaining and educating you on all the different types of options and lenders. Also, they will go above and beyond to make sure that you understand what documents are needed. Plus, why these documents are needed. Plus, why you should look for and also which you should not look for with a mortgage. For example, a mortgage broker that explains the difference between a conventional and collateral mortgage is important.
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The Best Mortgage Broker in Ottawa Takes The Time To Go Through The Mortgage Commitment With You In Detail

Once you are approved for a mortgage you will get a mortgage commitment or a mortgage contract. This document is very important to understand. It contains quite a bit of important information and it can be many pages long. It’s important that a mortgage broker walks through the mortgage commitment. In detail, line by line and that they openly invite you to ask any questions throughout the process.

Can You Meet Them In Person?

A mortgage broker that can meet with you face-to-face is great as well. This can bring a personal touch to the process and build more trust. Choosing a mortgage is a very important decision. Working with a mortgage broker that is local and can meet with you will help improve your experience. Many online mortgage companies cannot offer this personalized experience.

Get It In Writing

Once you found a home and made an offer, it’s important to know the rate, the terms and the lender. There are times a client will be offered a great low rate. However, only to find out at the last minute that it’s no longer available or the rate doesn’t apply to them. Also, that the mortgage comes with various restrictions were not disclosed upfront. This can even happen with traditional banks.
By getting all the details in writing it will allow you to go through it thoroughly. Plus, at your own pace so you can be sure that it fits your needs. Also, that your mortgage offer and terms are what you are expecting.

Find a Mortgage Broker in Ottawa That Shops Around Until The End

In a declining rate environment, as time progresses until your closing date, more rate offers or lower rates may become available. If you are not closing for a while, it’s important that your mortgage broker shops around your mortgage rate up until your closing date. If your bank or mortgage broker typically will sign you up and move onto the next client, they may be leaving savings on the table that you should be able to take advantage of.
Most lenders will reduce the interest rate if they decrease prior to your closing date. However, they will do this only if asked by the mortgage broker. With that, if your mortgage broker has moved onto the next client, they will not be there with you until the end to save you more.

How To Be Sure You Are Satisfied With Your Mortgage Broker?

If at any time you feel like you’re not happy with the service, lender or rates the broker provides it’s important to let them know. The reason is that perhaps the mortgage broker felt you prefer to communicate over the phone but maybe you are more of a face-to-face person. Also perhaps they are under the impression that you wanted to have more options on your mortgage. However, this sometimes comes with a higher rate but you truly just wanted the lowest mortgage rate in Canada and are not focused on options.

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