Top 10 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes


Buying your first home can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes with anything new, mistakes can be made. To help you avoid some common first time home buyer challenges, here are the top ten first time home buyer mistakes to avoid.


First Time Home Buyer Mistakes


Avoid these top 10 first time home buyer mistakes to assure a great home buying experience.


Thinking You do not Need a Real Estate Agent

Although you may be able to find a house on your own, there are many aspects to buying a house that a real estate agent will know and be able to help a first time home buyer with.  Some examples are preparing the offer, local bylaws that will pertain to you, negotiating a better price, hiring a home inspector and more. 

Typically the seller pays the real estate agent commission, so that service is at no cost to you. 

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Having Your Heart Set on a Home Before Doing Your Homework

Looking at homes before getting a pre approval may mean that you are looking at homes or neighbourhoods outside of your price range. Also, a home inspector may uncover some aspects of the home that are not the right fit for you.

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Buying a Fixer Upper to Get a Cheaper Price

You need to make sure, if doing the renovations yourself, that you have all the tools, time and knowhow to complete the renovations.  Also there may be lots of unexpected items that could arise during the renovation process that could have you going over budget. An alternative is to have someone do the renovations for you and if you go this route, being sure that you have quotes before you commit to buying the house and having a detailed home inspection can be of assistance.  

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Committing to More Then You Can Afford

Another one of the top 10 first time home buyer mistakes it committing to a home that is more than you can afford. If a lender is able to pre approve you for more than your comfort level, it’s important to go with a price that works for you and your budget.  Using up your emergency funds or all your savings to buy a home could create challenges in the future. 


Going With the First Real Estate Agent You Talk to

The best place to start with finding a real estate agent is to ask friends and family for a referral. Take the time to interview the potential real estate agent and see if they are the right fit for you. 


Starting Renovations as Soon as You Buy

Renovating your home can be quite tempting. However it is important not to rush in. If the renovation means using up your savings, or all your available credit, it may be best to hold off. Also living in your home for a while will help you determine which renovations will be the most important to start with. 


Choosing a Home Without Researching a Neighbourhood

Bad neighbours, lots of traffic, an industrial zone nearby and so on can make even the nicest house lose it’s appeal.  Spending time in the area that you are looking in first will help you know if it’s right for you. 

Also, talking with your new potential neighbours will allow you to know who will be living next to you.  Also, this will help you gain insight into the neighbourhood.  


Researching Your Real Estate Agent and Ottawa Mortgage Broker But Not Your Lawyer

Many clients take a lot of time to find the right real estate agent, mortgage broker and best mortgage rates in Ottawa, for example, but the purchase transaction ends with the lawyer and having one you work well with is important. 

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Fixating on the Lowest Mortgage Rates in Ottawa

Having the lowest mortgage rate is important but not if it comes with a mortgage that has larger penalties, poor lender service or less options.  

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Opting Out of Mortgage Insurance

You have worked very hard to purchase your home and it’s your largest investment. Best sure to protect it.  Mortgage insurance can give you security and peace of mind and it’s worth researching.

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