A gift from an immediate family member


1) Lender's gifted down payment document completed and signed by the gift giver(s) and receiver(s)
2) One month of bank account history showing the gift funds have been received prior to the closing date
3) One month of account history from the gift giver(s) showing the source of the funds


  • the gift funds must come from Canada
  • the bank account history must have name, account number, bank name and one month history
  • the lender will provide a gift letter form for you to complete
  • cash deposits for the gift are not accepted by a lender
  • the funds must be shown as a "deposit" into your account, a "transfer" into your account will not be accepted
  • the gift funds must be in your bank account no later then 30 days prior to the closing date
  • self-made gift letters will not be accepted

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